Less than 3 weeks to go before my trip to Namibia…….

....And the Cheetah Conservation Fund!!!! Thinking about starting to pack for the trip.....sounds like its going to be really cold at night and pretty darn hot during the day......can't wait to get stuck into all areas but I just don't know what to expect!!!!! Been to Morocco on a surfing trip  before but not down this far in Africa so this is going to be one major journey. So excited and can't wait to see Dr

Conservation At Bristol Zoo – what an amazing place!

It might have rained all day but the zoo is definitely the place to go come rain or shine......so much information about conservation. In conjunction with Bristol Zoo, the WildPlace Project have just launched this brilliant facility where they have three young male cheetahs who are just loving it there...rain or no rain. Project Lemur Frog at Bristol Zoo