We got off the plane and immediately I was immersed in the amazing weather and surprised by how flat the land was. Miles and miles of level landscape except in the very distance the occasional out of place mountain that stuck out like a jewel in the red sand.




In the airport there was an advert with cheetahs……Welcome to South Africa!


Capy, our driver met us and drove us North. The Southern African environment was astonishing, huge termite mounds like the skyscrapers of the bush and small creature casually walking on the side of the road.




Little did we know that we still had a 40km drive ahead of us on dirt roads.


Never-ending dirt road


3 hours later we came to the entrance of the Cheetah Conservation Fund.



When we arrived the place was full of students, interns, volunteers and staff members by all buzzing and eating at The Hot Spot.


It turns out that this dining area was donated one of CCF’s supporters. Dr Laurie Marker (the founder of CCF) was there to welcome us and introduced me to everyone who was having supper! We ate then went to bed in our roundavel……totally exhausted but really glad to be there at last.