Cheetah Feeding Time at CCF

I woke up after a good night's sleep and then on to breakfast. After this, we walked to the office to see what jobs had been allocated to us, we had centre pen cleaning and feeding. I was aware of what the feeding was because I saw it in action yesterday, so I was going to get to see it from both sides. It's where 12 of the 34 orphaned cheetahs are fed in the centre

Conservation At Bristol Zoo – what an amazing place!

It might have rained all day but the zoo is definitely the place to go come rain or much information about conservation. In conjunction with Bristol Zoo, the WildPlace Project have just launched this brilliant facility where they have three young male cheetahs who are just loving it there...rain or no rain. Project Lemur Frog at Bristol Zoo

My First BLOG!!!!!!! The Launch of the WildPlace Project

Tomorrow I'm heading to Bristol to The WildPlace Project as I've been invited to the launch of The Cheetah Experience...can't wait!!!!! Taking the day off school to see the "Bristol's Newest Attraction". Wild Place Project is linked to the Bristol Zoological Society and the emphasis is on protecting threatened habitats on our doorsteps and around the