I woke up after a good night’s sleep and then on to breakfast. After this, we walked to the office to see what jobs had been allocated to us, we had centre pen cleaning and feeding. I was aware of what the feeding was because I saw it in action yesterday, so I was going to get to see it from both sides. It’s where 12 of the 34 orphaned cheetahs are fed in the centre pens (these are pens that are right beside the office in the central courtyard). These cheetahs have lived at CCF for the longest. They have been hand reared because their mothers have been killed. A few of them were reported to CCF by someone who found them being kept in a garage and two other cubs were being held in someones chicken coops. Luckily they were rescued but unfortunately cannot be released into the wild again because they wouldn’t know about the dangers of other humans because they are so used to them. They haven’t had their mothers around to teach them how to hunt.
They are also helping CCF analyse behavioural patterns and general research about the cheetah.
We raked the pens, which was hard yet satisfying! After this, we did centre feeding. One cheetah called Sennai is picky and therefore won’t eat zebra Emoji. I had to cut some bones and fat from the lumps to keep it as lean as I could. Whilst doing this, I got blood and gunk all over my hands, so its not the cleanest of exercises. We then went back to the pens, put the meat in the bowls (the bowls act like the hole the cheetahs make in the carcass of the animal) and let them in the pens to get it.
Cheetah Talk
After they finished gnawing at the bones, we let them back out into their CCF farmland. We then had the afternoon free so went to an office and I wrote this, although the wifi is incredibly slow!