I will be sharing my personal journey, my diary, with anyone interested in conservation, and in particular cheetahs. I will be blogging and adding video footage as well as photography where and when I can both in Namibia and in the UK. I hope that as a I am really keen to get everyone to understand about the need to protect cheetahs, that I will get lots of support. Join me on my journey.......

Cheetah Feeding Time at CCF

I woke up after a good night's sleep and then on to breakfast. After this, we walked to the office to see what jobs had been allocated to us, we had centre pen cleaning and feeding. I was aware of what the feeding was because I saw it in action

5 Jul 2015

First Day On The Job As A Volunteer

Woke up to a beautiful morning. The beds were basic but I slept well. It was really warm inside because of the thatched roof, but the mornings are cold. We were invited to go and watch the 'cheetah run'. It was amazing to see them running at even 3/4 of

4 Jul 2015

African Arrival

We got off the plane and immediately I was immersed in the amazing weather and surprised by how flat the land was. Miles and miles of level landscape except in the very distance the occasional out of place mountain that stuck out like a jewel in the red sand.    

Facts About Cheetahs (I bet you didn’t know…..!)

The Readers Digest have included 9 Things You Didn't Know About Cheetahs in their on-line edition...check out the information and there is an end note about Dr Laurie at the bottom of the piece....nice one Readers

24 Hours from now………

....... and I will be heading to the airport on my way to Namibia to help save the cheetah. The temperature is below freezing some nights in the dessert but the days are sunny. Last day of school today ......then home to pack! CCF here I